Lance Allen

The Composer

Many years of practice and persistence has led Lance to the creative path of writing beautiful instrumentals for the guitar. Nonstop improvising and a lot of coffee helps with this. 


The Teacher

"Teach, coach and inspire." 

That's Lance's motto and plan for each student. Lance's experience with communicating with students is unique, setting him apart from any other. Most students become lifelong friends and never stop learning.  

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Lance Allen and Guitar


Native of western Kentucky, Lance has been known to traditionally use a thumb-pick when playing and writing music on guitar. Some of his earliest influences on guitar are Phil Keaggy, Tommy Emmanuel, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Eric Johnson. Dan Allen, Lance's father, was influential in getting Lance started on guitar. It was a Saturday morning ritual for Lance to show up to Randall Meade's house for a guitar lesson. Sometimes $5 and a 6 pack of Bud (provided by his dad) would get Lance an hour lesson, learning riffs from rock bands such as Metallica, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Eric Clapton. Not long after his earliest motivation on guitar, he discovered Stevie Ray Vaughn's style of playing. This influence had him playing nonstop. After a big move in Lance's teenage years, he began to study guitar with Jimmy Felts of Piqua, Ohio. Jimmy introduced Lance to playing guitar with fingers. At that point, Lance's admiration for finger style guitar began.

Lance studied the art of recording music at Middle Tennessee State University. During his tenure there he began writing instrumental guitar ideas and began recording them. After collecting enough material, in 2006, he released his first solo guitar CD, "Sometime in Life'. From then he continued to write new music and release more albums, all while running a successful guitar lesson business, which he continues to operate. 

 Accomplishments, Accolades, and Associations

  • W.O. Smith music school volunteer teacher since 2010
  • 2015 top 3 winner of Walnut Valley International finger style guitar contest. (Placed top 5 two other times) 
  • Eagle Scout Award 
  • NPT "Tennessee Crossroads" Music contributor
  • 3 time contributor to Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
    Issue 62,67, and 70. 
  • 4 million youtube views 2016
  • Started teaching guitar in 1997 at church and in homes.
  • Performed weekly at local church youth group in Winchester, Ky.
  • 1998-Eastern Kentucky Univers
    -Focus in Environmental Sciences
  • 1999-Worship guitarist for Eagle Rock Ministries Lexington , KY
  • 2000-Middle Tennessee State Universit
     -Majored in Recording Music Science (RIM)
    -Minor Small business Management and Entreprenuership
  • 2001-Guitarist for Chris Young (Nashville Star Winner and RCA Recording artist)
  • 2001-2010 Jonathan Fletcher Music
    -Salesman and part-time guitar instructor
    -Became assistant manager, full time teacher, and internet e-commerce specialist. 
  • 2005-Composed and arranged tracks for Martingale Project, “Christmas Peace”
  • 2006-Completed 1st cd project, “Sometimes in Life”
  • 2008-Traveled to England to give fingerstyle guitar workshops and concerts
  • 2008-Completed Album number 2, “Naturally”
  • 2008-Became Gretsch Artist for Gretsch Guitars
  • 2011-Started business Lance Allen Studio
  • 2011- Toured with Blaine Larsen (Sony, RCA recording artist)
  • 2013 Completed "Us Together" album
  • 2014 Completed "Melody Maker" album
    -Blue Ireland accompanied with Phil Keaggy
  • 2017 released "String Poet"